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2024-07-17 05:12:11

Let’s redesign pr0xy and alt1e!
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2024-07-07 01:26:26

[EMERGENCY]: Stopping our Site Status website and BINUSMAYA Down services.

Our official Site Status website, where you can monitor for down services, is ironically down. And same with BINUSMAYA Down, used to monitor for BINUS University's downtime, but we have to temporarily shut it down. These products are powered by Upptime and GitHub Actions, but since Upptime used an aging Node.js version that's no longer supported by GitHub Actions, we received over 500 emails from GitHub that those automated services are down. That said, the original Upptime team is currently working to fix it, which should be automatically applied as an update to our services. For more information, visit

2024-07-04 18:33:56

Site and Infrastructure updates, July 2024 edition.
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2024-07-04 01:17:09

Cara menyetel Proxy Address BI-FAST sesuka hati (pakai domain sendiri)!
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2024-06-23 10:48:26

Firefox have just ended this annoying popup.
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2024-06-05 23:08:22

Our guide to data models is here!

Last month, we explained on how we commonly design our REST API for our products. But apparently, some people still don't understand what the “model-centric path approach” actually mean. Now, we admit that it might be technical to explain here. In short, we are talking about data models, aka. how we commonly organize different sets of data. Since we all believe in object-oriented (OOP) software design, as well as object-relationship mapping (ORM) mechanisms, we adopt a strategy where a data model should be designated as a distinct Class (in OOP) and Entity (in entities, commonly in relational database design). Today, we are starting a new experiment on our digital garden. As we discussed last year, a digital garden is another way to organize ever-growing knowledge without forcefully having it to be perfect to be, a blog article, for example. And sure, there are some “plants” there that are more mature than others, and our explanation of Data Models could be one of them. When we talk about a data model, we’re not talking about one specific kind of data, but a group of data assigned according to a related context. It means that each data contained inside a data model should be related in a certain way. And that also means, data models are an efficient way to organize data to produce an information. Data Models on our digital garden. Now, no matter how deep are your current understanding about data, OOP, database systems, or so, we are trying our best to explain these concepts from beginners and up. So, why not just check it out at

2024-06-02 22:47:15

HAM v1.1: Supporting tables and technical diagrams!

The version 1.1.0 was quickly withdrawn due to issues loading with custom tables HAM, our homegrown static Jekyll wiki framework now just got an update. Just like our past versions, this one is heavily motivated by our internal projects that are using HAM. With this new version, you can now render diagrams with Mermaid. Mermaid is an open-source language and engine that lets you render technical charts and graphs from plaintext, just like Markdown for rich text. Mermaid has been used in some notable Markdown-based apps that we personally love, including Joplin and GitHub. However, for the time being, we currently only support Mermaid when embedded inside a <pre class="mermaid"> HTML tag, instead of ```mermaid (as an annotated Markdown code block). The latter may clash with our existing syntax highlighting feature powered by Highlight.js. In our digital garden, we use Mermaid to render Entity Relationship Diagrams (ERDs) and Unified Modeling Language (UML) diagrams. And lastly, we also decided to add support for tables, just like our main website! If you have previously used other table markups, like the ones offered in Bootstrap 5, you will need to opt out from default styling by adding a special data- property, i.e. <table data-ham-ignore="true">.

2024-05-27 01:47:02

Every Door 5.0 is now on HUAWEI AppGallery!

Three weeks ago, Ilya and the Every Door community introduced Every Door 5.0. Then we decided to pass to the HUAWEI AppGallery team for review. Today, we're excited to announce that you can now receive this great update on Android-based HUAWEI devices. So why not just check out and update right now?

2024-05-16 00:08:39

Happy Shiftine Day!
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