JavaScript License Information

We are currently in progress of documenting JavaScript license in support for GNU LibreJS. However, due to the way Laravel Livewire works, many of these are ended up embedded inside the generated HTML content (instead of being referred into external links such as

Livewire-related scripts may also be blocked in GNU LibreJS due to missing license information. We decided to temporarily ignore the warning while migrating to Laravel 11 while considering to raise the issue upstream. Note that the project itself are available under the same MIT/Expat license, see for details.

NOTE: If you are a GNU LibreJS user, you will need to use GNU LibreJS version 5.0 or later in order to support JavaScript license information embedded as magnet links. Using magnet links allows us to optimize our website by shipping fewer JavaScript code.

The following table lists the remaining, untagged JavaScript files. For more information about GNU LibreJS-approved set of licenses, see

JavaScript File License Source Code
hotkeys.min.js Expat License (sometimes called MIT Licensed)
highlight.min.js BSD-3-Clause
kakao.min.js Expat License (sometimes called MIT Licensed)
livewire.js Expat License (sometimes called MIT Licensed)