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Technically speaking, Reinhart is a human who operates an automation company, also under his name. Who do you gonna call?

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As you might already knew, we have many, many accounts under the @reinhart1010 username.

But that also means someone else may took over that username for scamming and other evil things!

To ensure that you can communicate with us as fast and secure as possible, please kindly contact us at:

Email:,, (How to choose?)


Tumblr: @capsinthehouse (Indonesian), @shiftine (English)

WhatsApp: +62 817-1722-9090 (Notifications Only), +62 882-0011-38390 (Support and Inquiries)

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Sure, you can contact the one and only at:



GitHub: @reinhart1010

GitLab: @reinhart1010

OpenStreetMap: Reinhart Previano

ORCID: 0000-0001-9076-2428

Quora: Reinhart Previano

Wikipedia/Wikimedia: Reinhart Previano

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