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2023-04-23 18:50:32

An updated lore of the Skyborne family.
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2023-04-06 02:07:19

Our commitment towards responsible digital storytelling.
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2023-04-02 14:00:48

Re: Why I quit being a tech "influencer"

Hi, and congrats for jumping out from the tech influencer bandwagon! As a form of motivation, you might not know that GitHub were actually co-founded by two people who still exist today without a personal blog website, and another two having personal blog sites that are nothing but plain old boring blue links, like Daniel Stenberg, the creator of cURL, and Pieter Levels, in case you know about him. Those influencers, as I personally called them Recycled Developers, often shared things which are not always technically accurate, especially in the long term. Even in DEV, a blog post named 17 Compelling Reasons To Start Ditching TypeScript Now was suddenly inspired someone else to write 18 Reasons to Use TypeScript SINCE YESTERDAY. It is as if that one technology, language, or framework will always be good enough and they shall defend their opinions at all costs. But the truth is, neither JS or TS are better to learn and use, and a better developer should be able to weight and choose the right parts for their project stack. And in fact, many of the tech jobs require from you, unless if you're into DevRel (Developer Relations), documentation, or writing tutorials like in MDN and Kodeco (formerly, is to build and maintain products through well-designed code, not well-designed content. Now I'm interested to read your ebook before it's gone, but that link redirects to http://localhost:3000/products/level-up-your-career-today-developer-edition/ for some reason. It might be interesting to compare it with my perspective as a developer who have done "classic" web development since 2014, Node.js since 2016, C in 2019, Java and PHP/Laravel in 2020, then Python, Swift, React (including Next and Remix), Go, Vala, and beyond over the last few years. But one thing for sure, everyone can start their dev career without forcing them to use HTML/CSS/JS, or Python, or Swift, or back to the good-old C. Concepts are more important to learn, and let those syntaxes and functions follow. (>_ ) 💕

2023-04-01 00:57:00

Kickstarting April with a new vision.
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2023-03-26 11:57:03

Changes to our BINUS Today article fetching system.

In order to reduce our Internet usage, we are no longer fetching the last 25 articles from BINUS University websites. Instead, we are starting to fetch articles based on the frequency the authors have posted over the last 14 days. Or specifically, 5 * max(⁴√n, 1). If you're not good at mathematics, here's what this means: Articles fetched over the last 30 daysNewest articles which will be fetched 0-152-151016-8015 With this change in mind, we could save the Internet traffic to constantly fetching about 1.600 articles four times a day!

2023-02-24 18:26:57

Another reason to use threads in the Fediverse.

Well, some people are still using threads instead of putting everything down in a single post, even in the Fediverse, because some Fediverse software offers the "View More/Less" accordion. How is that relevant, you asked? By splitting these long texts into threads, you can just force everyone to see your really long post in the Fediverse.

2023-02-23 10:15:00

Rajawalinya hilang!
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2023-02-22 11:13:00

What is the "shell" of Bearers of the Shells?

Sure, we found out that may people don't understand the shell thing we mean for the term "Bearers of the Shells". We're not selling seashells and don't own some shares on the Royal Dutch Shell, anyway. The shell, as in BOTS here is the computer shell, and we found it difficult to translate its meaning into non-English languages. Most languages just transliterate the word, anyway, because at the world of computing, the shell is a metaphor to a kind of the computer program that allows you to interact with other computer programs. Today, you can say that computer shells are quite similar to "skins" in Android (Samsung's One UI, MIUI, Google Pixel, etc.) or "desktop environments" in Linux and BSD operating systems. However, it's not always true. So, to understand what is the true meaning of the computer shell and the shell of BOTS, let's look at this research article (PDF) from 1965 written by the authors who first coined the word "shell". Shell, as the computer program. We may envision a common procedure called automatically by the supervisor whenever a user types in some message at his console, at a time when he has no other process in active execution under console control (presently called command level). This procedure acts as an interface between console messages and subroutine. The purpose of such a procedure is to create a medium of exchange into which one could activate any procedure, as if it were called from the inside of another program. Hereafter, for simplification, we shall refer to that procedure as the ''SHELL". The SHELL: A Global Tool for Calling and Chaining Procedures in the System Wait, what is procedure? supervisor? console? interface? To make you understand these meanings: computers run instructions in a logical order, most commonly (from the era of punch cards) from top to bottom. That's why we call these ordered set of instructions as procedures. You can call them as subsets of computer algorithms, though. Next, just like real-life supervisors, supervisors handles the execution of these instructions to prevent some technical conflicts like dividing numbers by zero. The console is all the physical buttons and switches which humans can use to communicate with the computer (today, they are completely replaced with keyboards and touch screens). And interface is a way for computers to pass information between computers, programs/procedures, or with humans (hence the name, User Interface (UI)). The SHELL here is neither an acronym or backronym. It is a metaphor of an outer part of the computer system that is intentionally exposed to interact with the user. The SHELL was invented during the early days of command-line interfaces, and that's why people often exchange the term shell with command-line. Note that, the command-line is the interface, aka. how do you interact with the computer system, but the shell is the program that acts at the computer end of that interface, or in other words, who are you writing these commands for. So, how about the Shells of the Bearers of the Shells? We name ourselves the Bearers of the Shells because we own and use multiple computer shells to achieve our goals. In reality, we mostly use Fish, PowerShell, Python (if you consider one), and ZSH. However, we also took the word "shell" differently, which now means "the spherical 🔮 thing we have in our heads". Those spheres are then decorated with symbols commonly found in computer shells: (>_ ) from DOS and Windows, ($_ ) from Unix and lookalikes (Linux, BSD, etc.), and (#_ ) for Unix that belongs to a special user named root. You'll also see that those symbols act as our faces, because we're not just interacting with those computer shells, we are the computer shells! So, in conclusion, we are BOTS because we wear these 🔮 things, and we're the ambassador of computer systems, ready to help people who are using us.

2023-02-21 13:15:00

The future of Shift and Shiftine is in the real life.
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