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2021-10-05 08:46:00

reinhart.exe is coming: run and hug unto me on VRChat.
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2021-10-04 11:16:24

Let's make a virtual expo that doesn't suck! (Part 1)
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2021-09-30 16:28:35

Emergency Update: I have a mental breakdown.

In the recent days I am experiencing a mental breakdown, and good thing that now I'm starting to feel better. But first thing first, I would like to apologize to many of my colleagues working on important projects such as TECHNO 2021, HIMTI KIT, COMPUTERUN 2.0 and others. And also to MAT students and lecturers for not attending the first session of "Wearable Technology" course (MOBI6057). I have acknowledged that this has negatively impacted not just me, but others as well. Some TECHNO 2021 participants have been asking if the all-new HIMTI KIT has been available to be downloaded, and at the time of this writing I'm still not yet releasing it due to some technical difficulties. The same thing happens with COMPUTERUN 2.0 which will open their registration on this early October. No, it's not all your fault. This breakdown is not just caused by working for these projects, but also by a bunch of other factors. First, after trying to apply for the second wave, limited onsite class application to BINUS University, I've been deeply hurt by the rejection they gave to me. This means that you'll never, never be able to see me physically again after February 2020. If I'm going to campus, it will be likely me discussing privately on important things such as thesis and so on. After that it's time to go to somewhere else, or go home. Or, when I'm finished my Bachelor degree, it's time to work again. And that means it would be more challenging for you to meet me again just like the days of the college. "Too much coding," I know right? Looking back at my plans for mid-2021, I just realized that yes, I still haven't stopped coding yet despite switching projects and languages, but I still need to code for other critical projects at least for the next 2 months. Not to mention those stress gathered on reading documentations and fixing bugs, which contributes greatly into this breakdown. I might be considering to temporarily retire from all of these coding madness which I've done tirelessly and endlessly since mid-2019. But again, I still need to finish out those projects and university courses which again, requires me to code. My current progress so far... There are times that I need to entertain myself for situations like this, like figuring out to make Zoom virtual backgrounds work the other way. Showcasing this hack into this blog and social media, at least, relieves my stress while working on resolving these issues. Speaking of HIMTI KIT, I've delegated this task to other members of HIMTI BINUS University Web Development Division (Alam Sutera and Kemanggisan campus regions). It's a good opportunity for them to learn about PHP and databases before I retire, though. And finally, for COMPUTERUN 2.0: EXECUTE, I'm working out for a backup plan to make the website and registration mechanism at least ready to be released for the first time. After that, the site will be regularly updated to include changes and new features. I've done this same trick for the last year's COMPUTERUN 2020: INSIGHT website, though. So been there, done that :) By the way, don't forget to follow COMPUTERUN's official social media accounts since there is a surprise for you: COMPUTERUN 2.0 will be our first event to be held internationally. Yes, INTERNATIONALLY! Future Plans During the course of October 1-3 I'll be solely focusing for HIMTI KIT and COMPUTERUN 2.0, while preparing to continue for other projects. I will still be delegating some tasks to others, so I don't need to work for this entirety. Not to mention my other plans on contributing for Hacktoberfest 2021, but there's still a plenty of time for that. And sure, some of you might want to give me a hug, but currently impossible due to COVID-19 restrictions. I just want to give a teaser for you: reinhart.exe is coming. Prepare to run and hug unto me. It wouldn't be scary as you might thought, but, I've been working as a tech enthusiast and software engineer this far, to the point that I might be busy when you asked me about things. The solution? Due to technical difficulties in creating a cyborg account, I decided converting myself into a computer software which you can run independently (self-hosted). The first release will be completely amazing, celebrating my 20th birthday, too! That's all for now, and I'll need to get back to work. So, thanks for understanding!

2021-09-28 19:36:09

virtual (background) problems require virtual solutions
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2021-09-23 23:56:38

✨tutorial cara pakai datepicker (papan pemilihan tanggal) di android✨

cara pilih tahun tanpa back, back, back, back, back, back, back, back, back, back, back, back...

2021-09-15 16:22:58

Open-Source Bitmoji, yes, please?
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2021-09-11 10:41:16

Kisah sebuah IDE yang dianaktirikan karena Visual Studio Code
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2021-09-10 14:43:00

Akhirnya kita ikut AOG gais! (Army of God, Gereja Mawar Sharon Jakarta)

Pada awal Agustus, kita sempat dapet undangan untuk ikut sebuah komunitas sel bernama Connect Group (CG) yang diadakan oleh Gereja Mawar Sharon (GMS) Jakarta. Singkat cerita, masuk deh... Padahal, awalnya kita mau join komunitas gereja di luar negeri... Di Amerika Serikat sih, tepatnya, di mana ibadah raya pertama diadakan saat mayoritas warga di Indonesia udah mau tidur. Kita sebenarnya tertarik dengan komunitas dari 2 gereja spesifik: Transformation Church dan Elevation Church. Kok bisa bablas ke sana? Ya awalnya karena kita dengerin khotbah dari beberapa pastor di sana, termasuk Michael Todd sebagai gembala Transformation Church dan Steven Furtick dari Elevation Church. Oh iya, karena Amerika Serikat itu cukup luas, kedua gereja ini berlokasi di tempat yang jauh berbeda. Elevation sudah mempunyai beberapa cabang di bagian timur Amerika (Florida, Carolina, Virginia, dan bahkan Ontario, Kanada), sedangkan Transformation Church hanya baru memiliki satu tempat di (negara bagian) Oklahoma. Welcome LAN? localhost? Buat kalian yang berasal dari GMS Jakarta (Central Park Mall) atau GMS Tangerang (LivingWorld Alam Sutera), boleh deh titip salam ke "Reinhart dari CG AOG 61!" Tapi kalau kamu berasal dari GMS kota lain (Misal: Surabaya, Singapura) mereka mungkin belum tahu soal Connect Group yang ada di daerah Jakarta. Tapi tentunya gw bisa dihubungi dari banyak sisi. Dan tentunya kita pakai username reinhart1010 juga di akun aplikasi GMS Church (bukan yang MyGMS). Ya, biar jaga-jaga kalau suatu saat aplikasi ini ngeluncurin fitur baru seperti forum dan sebagainya. LAN atau localhost? Sebenarnya gw tipikal orang yang suka LAN daripada localhost sih...

2021-09-07 17:37:31

Poll: Apakah kita perlu buat versi Nomor Induk Kependudukan (NIK)?
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