You might be asking, how do we post things that gets people from the whole world to find us on Google Search. In fact, over the last 3 months, people click our websites for more than a thousand times!

Yes, we used both Google Search Console and Bing Webmaster tools to monitor our site performance, and here are some weird results we’ve found so far.

1. More and more people are distressed with BISANARA (Google)

Last year, we decided to publish an open complaint letter citing how hard it is to open a BISANARA account. Yes, this “reader’s letter” is mainly aimed at the folks at Bina Nusantara University – and the problem just seemed to be worse.

Over the last 12 months, BISANARA has become the most important reason people are following links to our websites, with 47 clicks on Google Search!

If that still doesn’t makes you interesting enough, well, that single blog post generated almost 2.7 thousand impressions, just on Google Search! And what the heck, that single post somehow shows up at the 2nd to 5th Google Search result link!

But really, how troubled these BINUSIANs are…

2. “Nate cmd” (Google)

Oh, it has been a long way since I call myself Nate. And Google told us that people are (still) clicking on us.

To confirm that this one’s true, let’s search the same keyword over Google under Private Browsing and…

Okay I’m just losing my mind. If you’re here because I’m Nate, thanks!

3. Another frustration on LINE VOOM. (Google, Bing)

We posted another article last year mentioning LINE’s rebrand from Timeline to VOOM, and people are still searching for them.

It’s also one of the top performers at Google Search and Microsoft Bing. For some reason. If VOOM still sounds alien to many people, even a year after they introduced that thing, me too.

4. More BINUS things, because we have BINUS Today. (Google)

Of course, people who are desperate finding some BINUS knowledge finally step upon BINUS Today, our unofficial community news aggregration portal which compiles more than 100 official BINUS University blog websites into one. Because why bother maintaining 100 of them?

And that’s also why Google and Bing recommends some of our pages on them

5. Feeling guilty because of “*nix’s ipcalc“. (Bing)

When we were checking on Bing Webmaster Tools for our Nix site performance, we have noticed one click to our site because of “*nix’s ipcalc”.

Apparently our site ranks the highest amongst other legitimate source code and forums questioning the implementation of actual ipcalc program in UNIX and others (hence named “*nix’s ipcalc“).

And this is all possible because Bing rates our average position to be 3.3, which means our site links are very likely to be displayed between the third or fourth place of the Ten Blue Links, aka the first page of your search result. Google, however, places our content at average of 27.4, so we should check out that anomaly later.

6. “Apa ancaman perkembangan teknologi terhadap eksistensi pancasila?” (Bing)

Learn more on this original post, and the 2021 revised version.

That was one of our longest blog post and our most-searched article on Bing. It even beats that ipcalc thing with a total of 28 clicks!

Thanks for reading this article! By the way, we’re also working on finishing these interesting posts. Revisit this site soon or follow us to see them once they’re published!

  • Udah mau setahun nih, apa kabar Leslar Metaverse?
  • Custom fonts for Misskey!
  • Twitter-active Cupertino productivity fan name needed!


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