Recently, we have discovered something on the Chrome version if the LINE app: a mysterious play icon located next to the LINE Memos.

Well, it seems to redirect to with a catchy title: LINE VOOM. Wait, what’s that anyway? The site description doesn’t seem to tell so much about that…

A few days after and we spotted the same icon on the mobile app, right in the middle of the navigation tabs. And I thought, well, that supposed to be Timeline, right?

And yeah, it’s basically just Timeline. Why didn’t LINE tell us earlier (at least in Indonesia) about that change… or, do they?

Looking at the official Release Notes page from Settings > Announcements doesn’t mention that Timeline is being renamed to LINE VOOM, just like the case of LINE SQUARE being renamed to OpenChat.

Then looking at the App Store release notes and again, no luck:

I’ve summoned my old friend @mallory to check out the app on the Play Store, and again, there’s null mention of LINE VOOM.

Anyways, mystery solved: LINE Timeline has been renamed into LINE VOOM! Looking at the new logo, well, I bet they’re making another TikTok clone like YouTube Shorts, Instagram Reels, and SnackVideo, I guess?

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