Hello, 2022!

Hello, I’m Reinhart “reinhart1010” Previano Koentjoro. I’m a software developer who doesn’t just love to write software, but also to be together with them.

I’m also the creator of the Bearers of the Shell (BOTS), which was originally meant to be an original webcomic series. But later, I decided to bring BOTS to live beyond the webcomic, aka. deploying into the real life. And this is what this website is generally about.

I’m also internally known as Nate Skyborne in BOTS, which happens to be the first original character (OC) drawn and produced by me. That’s why I’m really close to my own characters, my own software, and even my devices.

Right next to me here is pr0xy, which came as my alter ego during the school days. You’ll need to speak, I mean, print like him in order to understand.

Heads-up! This blog website hosts many posts from different languages and categories. You might be interested instead to read posts about:

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In our virtual environment, I’m the one with the metallic blue body and head. I’m proud to be the part of the SYSTEM, with a group of like-minded robots of me who envisions a bright future on IT. However, I sometimes transformed by pr0xy to become him, so don’t be surprised to see me running as him too!

We run countless of internet accounts out there under @reinhart1010 and @alterine0101, even though not all of those accounts are assigned under the username. But hey, you can follow us from many sides on the Internet, centralized and decentralized!

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