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  • Another reason to use threads in the Fediverse.

    Stop Doing Threads (jwz.org) https://cdn.jwz.org/images/2013/yellcloud.jpg starshine: STOP DOING THREADS POSTS WERE NOT SUPPOSED TO BE SPLIT INTO 25 PARTSYEARS of POSTING yet NO REAL-WORLD USE FOUND for a low character limitWanted a low character limit anyway for a laugh? We had a tool for that: It was called “SMS””My post got… Well, some people are […]

  • @reinhart1010 is now on wkwk.land!

    @reinhart1010 is now on wkwk.land!

    TL;DR: Another Fediverse instance based on Pleroma or Rebased.

  • Some plans to reboot Teropong, yet another Fediverse client.

    Some plans to reboot Teropong, yet another Fediverse client.

    Helping people develop quality Fediverse apps, not just Mastodon apps.

  • Site and infrastructure updates, January 2023 edition.

    Site and infrastructure updates, January 2023 edition.

    January has suddenly become our exciting month of the year, even if we’re almost halfway! We have brought substantial upgrades and improvements to our websites! They’re so big that we’ve narrowed it down into 13 main points. January 13, you know? 1. Improved site design! We decided to ditch pale blue for pure white on…

  • Seputar Fediverse (Part 1).

    Selamat datang di Seputar Fediverse! Di sini, kami akan menunjukkan postingan Fediverse yang layak untuk trending. Mengapa kita bikin serial postingan ini? Ya karena Fediverse ini sama sekali tidak punya recommendation algorithm seperti platform media sosial sebelah. 1. Siapa khayali zawjah favorit Anda? Sumber: https://misskey.id/notes/96j8lmbapx Ngomong “waifu” aja harus kearab-araban ya? Tapi beneran, keren banget…

  • Once upon an Unix timestamp, there was a world where we are all robots…

    Well that sounds to be a starting point for an amazing science fiction adventure, but no. It’s our new name for our Fediverse clan at https://bots.reinhart1010.id! We decided to shift the focus from “Bearers of the Shells” (which many people still don’t understand what that is) to make it more unique. Kudos for Astrid for…

  • No, “Mastodon Gold” is indeed a joke.

    No, “Mastodon Gold” is indeed a joke.

    Hear me out. Mastodon Gold is just a joke, perhaps a pun on the bird company‘s color thing. Such example of these joke posts are reactions to specific photos or videos, in which you can’t see them because the post requires a Mastodon Gold account to access them. This is, again, a joke. The Mastodon…

  • Updates on how we do Twitter.

    Updates on how we do Twitter.

    Haven’t read about the recent paid Verified subscription controversy? “Oh hey! Verified are now a public commodity. Everyone can be Verified by subscribing to our recently-changed $8/mo subscription. Freedom to all!” Well, that’s sounds fun, right? Until the infamous Nintendo of America fake account appears. With that blue checkmark. We have written two threads in…

  • Let’s talk about Fediverse clans, shall we?

    Let’s talk about Fediverse clans, shall we?

    One of the most confusing aspects of the Fediverse is well, the fact that it’s decentralized. You don’t (and shouldn’t) have to open an account at a Fediverse website to interact with the site. And with the rise of Fediverse servers, or instances, pods etc., people may afraid of impostors using their same usernames between…