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7 July 2024 • (Updated 7 July 2024)

[EMERGENCY]: Stopping our Site Status website and BINUSMAYA Down services.

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Shiftine (@shiftine)

Published on Logs of the SYSTEM BINUSMAYA Down #binus-university

Our official Site Status website, where you can monitor for down services, is ironically down. And same with BINUSMAYA Down, used to monitor for BINUS University's downtime, but we have to temporarily shut it down.

These products are powered by Upptime and GitHub Actions, but since Upptime used an aging Node.js version that's no longer supported by GitHub Actions, we received over 500 emails from GitHub that those automated services are down.

That said, the original Upptime team is currently working to fix it, which should be automatically applied as an update to our services. For more information, visit

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