Just like Recycled Developers, I believe there has yet to be a name for people who are:

  • Pledging to use Apple products (primarily Macs) for a lifetime, and
  • Pledging to use productivity apps which are beautifully designed and/or optimized for Macs (e.g. Procreate, Spark Mail, Session, practically everything advertised on Setapp),
  • Highly active on Twitter, commonly advertising their pride and support for Apple and these exclusive apps.

Well, I’m not envy to those who do pledge to their Apple products. Not because I don’t have (we have 3 Macs, 4 iPhones, 4 iPads, and 2 Apple Watches on a single house), but their statements could be potentially discriminating other users, like this.

Source: https://framapiaf.org/@davidrevoy/109641890213595949

Yes, I do agree that macOS is beautiful, before Windows 11 and Linux’s libadwaita come to crush the statement. But Procreate wasn’t invented by Apple. And even the OG desktop metaphore was made by Xerox, not Apple, too.

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