There are still lots of people laughing at us for “(#_ )”. Yes, the company. Even though we justified our reasons for the name (in which we actually snug the Kiloword-Pictogram Equivalence Theorem), there’s also one other reason behind our interests about the name.

We really wanted to build a brand that’s as close to humans and computers. However, we ended up having to choose to:

  1. Tend to become humans
  2. Tend to become computers

Defeating the stereotypical hacker.

Stereotypical hackers tend to wear Guy Fawkes’ Masks, which is somewhat synonymous with Anonymous.

However, there’s another stereotype of hacker who wears instead a mask with crossed eyes and zipped mouth, like this:

And even featured in DedSec on Ubisoft’s Watch Dogs 2:

Before ending up with (#_ ), we wanted to build something that looks original and relatable, while preserving the core elements of the hacker culture.

The cash and the hash.

Modern UNIX folks really know what the cash ($) and the hash (#) really are. They are traditionally used to determine whether the user who’s tinkering with the Terminal is root, aka. the most powerful user in the UNIX-verse.

This is true in the original sh, ash, dash, ksh, and even bash. That said, zsh and my favorite fish sports a different default prompt (ie. without the infamous cash symbol).

So, what else can we do from root? Making connections with people as if they are (#_^), as we mentioned before. So we could be fun as (#_ ), we could be scary as (#_ ).

Despite everything, the #, root, is in us. (#_ )

Thanks for reading this article! By the way, we’re also working on finishing these interesting posts. Revisit this site soon or follow us to see them once they’re published!

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