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Hello, world!

It has been exactly one year after I purchased the domain which changed my life, forever. To celebrate this, we decided to form a new company dedicated to our journey as humans and robots.

Our group has many different great names, from “Hackers and Jackets” to the “Bearers of the Shells” (BOTS). But later, we feel that our company name should be more inclusive, representing

Pictogram-Kiloword Derivation Compression Algorithm

Our new company name, (#_ ), is set on the foundations of the pictogram-kiloword equivalence theorem, which roughly translates to “a picture is worth a thousand words”.

Oh, what a popular folklore! Yes, until two researchers created a set of algorithms to compress and decompress text through the use of Markov chains, TensorFlow, Twitter, and emojis.

After seeing their amazing work in deciphering one of the society’s advancement in human and digital communication, we believe and decided that the best way to name our company is by inputting the curent state of communities representing Indonesian youth, software developers, and the so-called “hackers”, into a modified version of the algorithm that outputs kaomojis instead of Unicode-standard emojis.

The algorithm originally outputted (#_^), also known as the black-eye kaomoji. Maybe the algorithm knows that we ourselves suffers emotional damage very often as (mostly) Asian deadline-threatened developer, I guess…

However, we disliked the output for a little bit as we really wanted our name to show care and optimism. Fortunately, one (#_ )-headed robot dumped the idea to just drop that ^ on the near end. Hence, (#_ ), which that (#_ ) said that the name is somewhat relatable and satisfying, as many ($_ ) and (>_ ) people agree as well.

Our company name speaks more than just a set of 5 ASCII characters. In fact, the hash (#) symbol on (#_ ) convey multiple meanings relevant to the current state of the (Indonesian) cyberspace, including:

  1. Inclusivity. # is used in C to provide necessary information to the compilers, such as including libraries, pragmas, and aliases. One of the common examples is #include<stdio.h>.

    Additionally, # is also commonly used to denote a rank or number (e.g. #1 in Japan). So that counts, too!
  2. Constructive Engagement. In order to provide a comment on Python, YAML, Bash, and others, a leading # is a must.

    Oh yeah, # gives your way to your next big marketing hit in social media platforms including Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Twitter.
  3. Freedom. Users of Linux, Unix, and alike know that # is the most powerful symbol in the terminal-verse. Also coming to the metaverse and multiverse near you.

    # whoami
  4. Empowerment. Since we’re already root by default (see the whoami example above), we really want everyone to be root and free. In fact, the name (#_ ) is powerful enough to bring chaos to the Internet society, as well as empowerment to those people to fix the Internet ASAP.

    At the time of this writing, you cannot search for “(#_ )” on Twitter, so we believe that through our name we can encourage and empower Elon Musk to fix this bad bug appreciate this rootness, especially when other special names including X Æ A-12 are still searchable over Twitter.

New staffs, too!

To celebrate this anniversary, we decided to introduce some of new staffs working on our house. Alice and Bob, two of the most influential people of the world of cryptography, are making a comeback to join Nix and others in ($_ ).

Olivia Green, aka. alt2e and altgr (“alterine of the Great Britain”)

alt2e is alt1e, perfected. Looks like a refined alt1e and old-school game console straight out from SupaMerge and SCP-914.

Now, we believe many of you asked, why aren’t they (#_ )? Are they still afraid with mallory? Well, no.

  1. Pixel girl. alt1e declared herself as byte-blooded. But alt2e is made out of pixels and polygons. Sure, alt1e can travel through computer networks, and now alt2e loves to travels specifically to video games and metaverse.
  2. Better English, now based on the United Kingdom instead of the impostor United States of America.
  3. Better default keyboard layout, despite potentially confusing major North American citizens.
  4. Better graphics and virtualization, sporting a virtual humanoid face instead of a boring black sphere with green (#_ ) on it. Oh wait, we now can start to beat Lil Miquela and Kizuna A.I. in the virtual content creator business!
  5. And greener. She doesn’t just love green, she is! She autonomously declared herself as “Olivia Green”. What a pointer and somewhat a valid HTML color name she is!

Some people have also asked us what would alt2e or even pr0xy be after refined through the same process. We don’t have any official answers, though.

However, the OG alt1e still exists today, so I can safely say that “no alt1es were being harmed during the process”.

&& you

Creating these characters to life requires a lot of effort to make, operate, and maintain. However, we’re seeing your great works to power the same vision of us either at @reinhart1010 or (#_ ).

So we’ll be opening new opportunities to join our team. We’ll start with a limited beta to start a new community, preferably over Quora or Twitter. Stay tuned for more details!

By Shift

I'm Shift, the one who runs this site. People might already recognize me as Reinhart ( before, but the ⬆️ on my chest prevented me to go back. That said I'm a software developer shifted into life and reality developer. I've also run a universe where my shifty shirt shifts me up to the shifty skies. It's the universe where I can't simply walk on the ground anymore, like Creative Mode full of steroids. That's why, I'm Skyborne.

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