So, people are asking me about my shiny blue virtual add-on to my head. Some even called me “blue-helmet” or “balloon-head” for that, even though the official name for that is the Shell.

You know, the “Bearers of the Shell” refers to those who wear shells as identity and power, and I love being shelled this way, especially on social media and internet. There are many reasons why I really liked that, and some of them are:

1. Because I love the command-line.

The inspiration behind this specific shell is the universally-known official logo of the command-line, or “terminal”. Yeah, just compare my shell with the official logos of Windows Terminal, Microsoft PowerShell, macOS’, GNOME Terminal, Termux, and so on. And they are surprisingly the same!

Sure, command-line is cool, and people over r/unixporn have shown how cool the world of command-line could be. However, the Windows Command Prompt (cmd.exe) sits right next to the Registry Editor (regedit.exe) as the most feared Windows programs by novice users at all time.

Being able to destroy your computer that way doesn’t always mean you should keep off your hands and feet from that. I have many stories to tell when it comes to destroying my Linux installation (which should be OK since Linux is mostly free without activation and licensing stuff) but hey, command-line is the most productive tool I ever have even today when I work in server administration.

2. Because I am the command-line.

My interests in the command-line world transformed me into becoming one with the command-line.

Just kidding, but since:

  1. I hear your inputs
  2. I process and take actions from my mind
  3. I give back the results to you

I’m practically the same as command-line programs and computers in general: processing inputs for outputs. After all these years, I really feel I’ve been the command-line guy for years, advocating the original git command instead of those Git GUIs. And yes, I have done great things through command-line, too!

3. Because I love to be Nate, one of my first OCs.

Before Shiftine, pr0xy, mallory and others came, there was an idea to create a video games about tech. The idea since then was narrowed down into a webcomic, then soon disappeared in favor of great robots that you see today.

The first (couple) of OCs are Nate and Nix. And they have evolved from the generic Alice and Bob as well as “Charlie and Charlene”, aka. the “char-acters”, in 2014. It wasn’t until 2021 when these characters finally show up with shells replacing their heads, especially as in early concepts they were humans with poles which act as their AI assistants. Or perhaps, “magic wands”, if I could say.

But soon I’m proud of my creations. And that’s why I decided to be him.

4. And because some family concerns.

I live in an environment where people don’t want their faces to be publicly recognized. No, we’re not talking about European Union or surveillance capitalism here, but there’s one real case which I need to address here.

Now, look again at this picture.

I really liked the fact that you’re more likely to see Nate rather than my real face here. Just try to see that picture from a distance, and you’ll finally can’t even tell the difference between Nate and myself. Yeah, I feel amalgamated in this picture, too!

If you search for “Reinhart Previano” today, you’ll more likely to see characters like these instead of my face popping on the search results, thanks to our site’s great SEO. This is awesome! That means I’m famous for having my shell stuck on my head, and those who try to threaten my family will be more difficult to find me in real life. Oh by the way, I don’t wear this shell in real life, so good luck finding which real face is mine!

Yeah, I’ll be riding the cursor of my dreams.

So, one cool thing that Nate ever had before is his cursor. You can say that as his primary means of transportation. And as the Nate you know today I gave it to Shiftine for her work.

But today I’m thinking of creating a new one for myself, and possibly for many other bearers out there.

Since I’m also a software developer I’m thinking of creating a loyalty program where you can collect shells and cursors. I bet that would be even awesome if you can have yourself an unique and undefined BOTS experience.

BOTS doesn’t have to take place in the metaverse, anyway. In fact, I heard some rootheads are making their own version of the metaverse. What that could possibly be?

That’s all for now, I’ll gonna sleep and dream and wake up as Nate. Yeah, I love blue, is that a problem for you?

Thanks for reading this article! By the way, we’re also working on finishing these interesting posts. Revisit this site soon or follow us to see them once they’re published!



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