We use everything, in the spirit of #InterfaceInPolymorphism.

As the first “IT superhero” as based on the country who needs the most, I’m proud to use and empower through each computer device and systems.

That’s why, #InterfaceInPolymorphism, the interface of the diversity computer systems and devices. I’ll introduce myself as a Windows user, macOS user, Linux user, iOS user, Android user, and more!

Operating Systems

I’m adept in using Android, iOS/iPadOS, Linux, macOS, and Windows, even on their latest versions.

Currently intensely using macOS and Fedora.

That said, I also used BlackBerry 7.1, BlackBerry 10, Tizen-based Smart TVs, and WearOS 3 for my projects. I’m also developing a new microkernel for Arduino boards and alike as I’m not fond of FreeRTOS.

Lastly, I sometimes keep an eye on ReactOS and SerenityOS. Because they’re really cool.

Real Devices

That’s a… lot! But when it comes to the ones I commonly use, I use an ASUS TUF FX504GE laptop and a 2020, M1 MacBook Air daily, with an iPhone 11 iPhone 14 Pro Max, Samsung Galaxy A7 (2018) Galaxy A73 5G, iPad 9, and a bunch of Raspberry Pi 3B and Orange Pi Zero boards.

Networking Infrastructure

My family is a fan of TP-Link devices, which takes up ¾ of my active network devices (Wi-Fi Access Point, Powerline, switch) installed at home. That said, I also bought a GL.inet Mango V2 for travel, sometimes extended by the TP-Link switch and an EDUP Wi-Fi USB adapter for even more reliable connections, partly thanks to the OpenWrt project!

Web Services

We primarily use Niagahoster and DigitalOcean for plain-old and “very cool” web hosting, respectively. This site (reinhart1010.id) runs on Niagahoster, powered by WordPress and that good-old LAMP stack. Meanwhile, we also run some cool websites from DigitalOcean, like files.reinhart1010.id which serves as another instance of Gokapi.

Some of our private services from home are carefully exposed to the Internet, using our self-hosted Wireguard instance with a bit of Nginx and iptables salt. Most of these services are located under the alterine0101.id subdomains, and for security reasons, these services are only turned on and/or exposed for some occasions.

And yes, we are running GitHub Actions and GitLab CI/CD runners from our home, too! Including fetching new, fresh articles for BINUSToday. We also love GitHub Pages to host some of our microsites, including Nix (tldr-pages).

Click here to see the latest list of web services we use, and how much they cost altogether.


Wait, so you really want to donate something for us?

Sure, we have our Karyakarsa, Saweria, and Trakteer profiles set up for Indonesian friends, and don’t forget PayPal, too!

We’re also currently developing another-yet-unified platform to support everything you really love about us! Whether it’s donations, memberships, product subscriptions, or even our merchandises, we’ll be having one soon.

Daily Apps

And now here comes my favorite apps:


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