Support Us!

You can support us directly through many different ways. If you’re living in Indonesia, we do accept direct donations and sponsorships from:

These donations will be used to fund both development and operational costs (web hosting, cloud computing, etc.) for most of our websites and projects, which costs about $30/mo for:

ServicesCost/mo (USD)Usage
Apple$8.25Annual Apple Developer Account subscription
Blogger (Blogspot)Official blog site for AEP Mobile beta-testing and security incidents
Cloudflare PagesCurrently used for Reinhart Maps
Cloudflare R2(AWS S3-like) object storage for Reinhart Maps and official Fediverse instance
Codeberg PagesStay tuned (#_ )
DigitalOcean Droplets$12.00Our official Fediverse instance and some internal services
FirebaseStay tuned (#_ )
Google SitesMicrosites for Fediverse migration, PGP, Teropong (temporary)
GitHub ActionsSome private automations and keeping BINUS Today articles fresh
GitHub PagesUsed for BINUSMAYA Down, HAM, Nix (tldr-pages), and our official server status page
GitLab CIUsed for our Twitter Archives (reinhart1010, alterine0101, capsinthehouse)
GitLab PagesUsed for our Twitter Archives (reinhart1010, alterine0101, capsinthehouse)
MapboxStatic map service for Reinhart Maps
Niagahoster (Domain)$ and domain registration (combined)
Niagahoster (LAMP shared hosting)$7.50LAMP shared hosting powering and BINUS Today; also used to manage our automated emails, newsletters, and shortlinks
SupabaseStay tuned (#_ )

All donations and sponsorships will be tax-deductible under Indonesian taxation laws, which we will announce on our blogs for transparency purposes.