All about me

Hello, I’m Reinhart “reinhart1010” Previano Koentjoro. I’m a software developer who doesn’t just love to write software, but also to be together with them. Nevertheless, here’s a bunch of resources which you might be interested in:

CV/Résumé Requests

A public version of my résumé can be found at However, my generated Curriculum Vitae from BINUS University Enrichment Apps often has more complete information about my skills, experiences, achievements, and academic history.

Please note that users can only obtain a PDF copy of their résumé for their own account but not others, so please email me at resume(at) if you would like to have one.

I’m not kidding with my skills

Chances are that you might encounter a large number of tech skills I’ve been working with, and I’m not faking and marking that up just to get recruiters to hooked up at me. Some of my projects are completely documented on this site under the “Projects” category, and some of my robots sometimes post their involvement in my projects, too!

Getting in touch

Well, it seems that I have too much social media accounts, and that’s why I programmed my robots to help me share things we like over many websites and social media apps. The full list of links can be found on, but if you want to contact me for professional stuff you can contact me over LinkedIn at