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Beware of impostor accounts!

We historically signed up as @reinhart1010 on as many apps and websites as possible. We have abandoned most of them today, while impostors are claiming the same username for scams and malicious purposes.

To ensure that you have contacted us safely, please only follow or contact us through the official contact channels at

Technically speaking, Reinhart is a human who operates an automation company, under one of his robots’ name. Who do you gonna call?

The Man

for personal relations and professional inquiries

The Company

for product sales, support, and legal compliance

Signal Chat now on Signal

These are the contact links for Reinhart Previano Koentjoro, also known as Shift.

Bluesky Bluesky Mastodon Fediverse Kenangan Email Misskey

These are the contact links for Citra Manggala Dirgantara, also known as Shiftine.

Bluesky Bluesky Mastodon Fediverse Kenangan Email Misskey

Retired Accounts

Starting on May 10th, 2024, we decided to retire our WhatsApp Business account for new chats. Existing number on +62 817-1722-9090 will continue to work for automated messages.

Starting on August 10th, 2024, we will completely retire from X (formerly Twitter) in place of our new Fediverse account at You can use your existing Threads (Instagram), Mastodon, and other fediverse-supporting apps to follow and interact with our official accounts. Learn more how to set things up from the folks behind Flipboard

Send Tips & Things Securely

You may send encrypted emails through our PGP keys at, and files over Signal.

We are currenly considering to operate our own SecureDrop service, but not yet fully planned.

Other Active Accounts

We are also active in the following platforms, too.

Reinhart Previano Koentjoro
Reinhart Previano Koentjoro
Citra Manggala Dirgantara
Citra Manggala Dirgantara

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