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Hey! If you’re visiting this page from our social media, it’s a great time to look at our main website:!

Now, don’t get overwhelmed by the number of sites we’re available in, and here’s a guide for you to get in touch with us!

Here’s a list of places where you can follow us to suit according to your needs!

  • ✅ Stable (ready and recommended!)
  • 🅱️ Beta (coming soon)
  • 🅰️ Alpha (not yet ready)
  • 🦾 Automated Posts
  • 🕸️ Indieweb and Fediverse-ready (Learn More)
  • 📢 Write-only (only for announcements)
  • 👋 Read-Write (open for comments, Q&A)
  • 🇺🇸 English-only
  • 🇮🇩 Indonesian-only (Bahasa Indonesia)

Every single articles on this site are also available in:

Which one to use: RSS or Atom?

The Atom Syndication Format, aka. “Atom”, is developed as a newer feed format to fix some ambiguities and issues with the existing RSS format. Even though that an Atom feed file is technically incompatible with RSS parsers, many feed reader apps today both support feeds written in RSS and Atom. Hence we do recommend to use the Atom feed URL in your feed readers, while providing the legacy RSS format for compatibility with some specific RSS readers.

…and some of them may appear in

🎨 Only for arts and multimedia
🗺️ Only for OpenStreetMap projects
👨‍💻 Only for technological stuff
🎞️ May produce videos
🇺🇸 English-only
🇮🇩 Indonesian-only (Bahasa Indonesia)

I’m also present in these communities:

*Some of these buttons are not clickable due to missing links

🕸️ ActivityPub, Fediverse, IndieWeb, Solid, Webmentions, and WordPress Pingbacks

As expected, this site ( supports regular WordPress pingbacks. If you would like to cite our posts from your WordPress site (either on or your own instance), your WordPress instance will likely to send a pingback to us! This is equivalent to a “reply”, “repost”, or a “retweet” as in major social media networks, but for personal websites!

However, if you’re not posting from a WordPress website, this site also supports webmentions which behaves similarly to WordPress’ pingbacks:

  • If you are logged in from Bridgy or Bridgy Fed from your favorite social media, there’s no need to worry to manually send webmentions to our site. Bridgy will handle them automatically!
  • If your blog site supports sending webmentions by default, you don’t need to worry as well!
  • If your blog site does not support it, or your posts are in social media not covered in Bridgy (take Blogger/Blogspot and LinkedIn for example), you can manually add your URL inside the form inside our website’s blog post. Yeah, I mean this one:

This site ( also supports ActivityPub so you can give a like from the fediverse. So, don’t forget to check and follow us from the fediverse (e.g. by searching our usernames over Mastodon):

  • //alt1e
  • //pr0xy

We also have a Mastodon account and we might do some automated posts there, so don’t forget to check out on! And we also have our Solid pod hosted in

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And finally, here’s a simple contact form. Don’t worry, we’re monitoring it.