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2024-06-02 22:47:15

HAM v1.1: Supporting tables and technical diagrams!

The version 1.1.0 was quickly withdrawn due to issues loading with custom tables HAM, our homegrown static Jekyll wiki framework now just got an update. Just like our past versions, this one is heavily motivated by our internal projects that are using HAM. With this new version, you can now render diagrams with Mermaid. Mermaid is an open-source language and engine that lets you render technical charts and graphs from plaintext, just like Markdown for rich text. Mermaid has been used in some notable Markdown-based apps that we personally love, including Joplin and GitHub. However, for the time being, we currently only support Mermaid when embedded inside a <pre class="mermaid"> HTML tag, instead of ```mermaid (as an annotated Markdown code block). The latter may clash with our existing syntax highlighting feature powered by Highlight.js. In our digital garden, we use Mermaid to render Entity Relationship Diagrams (ERDs) and Unified Modeling Language (UML) diagrams. And lastly, we also decided to add support for tables, just like our main website! If you have previously used other table markups, like the ones offered in Bootstrap 5, you will need to opt out from default styling by adding a special data- property, i.e. <table data-ham-ignore="true">.

2024-05-09 18:58:51

Introducing HAM v1.0.4.

HAM is a simple Jekyll framework that allows you to build static wiki sites. And today, we are introducing a maintenance update with the following changes. First, the Bootstrap Icons dependency was updated from v1.11.1 to v1.11.3. There are no significant changes from the 100+ new icons introduced since v1.10. These icons are directly built into HAM, and you can simply use them in your Markdown source files as <i> HTML tags. (Just make sure you have reviewed their Web Accessibility recommendations on placing icons.) Next, we have also fixed a bug on v1.0.0 where users are redirected to the wrong YouTube URL when their web browsers do not support <iframe>. Well now, all modern web browsers supports that feature, and we're making this change to ensure that . HAM is not going anyway sooner. We still love HAM, and still use them on some of our internal projects. In fact, HAM still looks very nice on building another API documentation website like this: Of course, there are still some work to do. At least, readjusting the heading texts and adding more Liquid tags, and making these ugly tables more beautiful just what we recently did on our main website. So don't worry, we're still dogfooding HAM on our own.

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