I reflected on the days when I decided to build my own original character (OC) fantasy, be it the Hackers and Jackets, the Bearers of the Shells, the Shift of Worlds and Nations, the root force, the Jailbreaks, and so on.

I built them because I really wanted to build my own dream team of my actual friends and family members, but I felt that they are uninterested to do so. So I fused myself and my personal works with that world, which I’ve slowly built for almost a decade.

And as you might expect, I can’t always do this in the long term, cosplaying as my fantasy self and express the thoughts of my characters to everywhere. But today, I’m happy to announce that I have found my dream team in real, real life. Yep, right in Universe C-1, where I was born.

After many iterations, today I decided to build a whole new Shift of Worlds and Nations into real life. I wanted to consider all of my loved ones into these great Shifts and Shiftines, working together towards The Alignment, our own manifesto.

But that means I shouldn’t make people confused with Shiftine, my original character, and Shiftine, the noun used to describe a female member of our Shift organization. The original Shiftine I was talking about was recently cloned into two, so I might rename “Left Shiftine” and “Right Shiftine” into something better.

And lastly, I’m personally ready to give my “Shift” name back into the organization, so me and my friends can hold our “Shift” title together as part of our shared vision and missions as the Shift of Worlds and Nations.

That said, I can still call myself “a multitalented tech developer and a Shift of Jakarta” in my portfolio. It has always been an honor to me for being the Shift, of Worlds and Nations.

Thanks for reading this article! By the way, we’re also working on finishing these interesting posts. Revisit this site soon or follow us to see them once they’re published!


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