In 2014, someone have proven that PowerPoint is Turing-complete without VBA macros at all.

About two years later, the same person attempted to emulate the x86 instruction set, aka. your CPU’s favorite language, in PowerPoint.

The truth is, PowerPoint is powerful enough to create actual apps. To my recall, there are some property agency who prefer to use PowerPoint slides instead of dedicated website for their interactive displays, showing the location, interiors, and facilities of, let’s say, an apartment.

These are all possible with PowerPoint, and now, even game developers are now jumping into PowerPoint as a game engine!

These just prove a point that in the future, everything is not Chrome, but PowerPoint. Heck, even Canva also attempts to steal the OG PowerPoint.

How about Keynote, Google Slides, and LibreOffice Impress?

When it comes to Turing completeness, they have to implement most PowerPoint features, especially AutoShapes, in order to work. We have tested Tom’s reference PPTX file in LibreOffice and as expected, they are not working well.

But the good news, some alternatives like Google Slides allow embedding some web content, so you can cheat your app-building process by combining these slides with interactive web content.

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