Resuming our BOINC activity!

In July 2021, we decided to join Science United, a distributed research project powered by BOINC to help people donate their computing power to help advance scientific research. This includes finding cures for COVID-19, solving complex mathematical problems, giving a better perspective about our universe and more.

This isn’t actually the very first time we’ve contributed to the BOINC project, which we have actually done since 2016 with BAM! However, since Science United automatically allocates the most suitable projects for any device types as possible, we decided to bring our array of ARMv7-powered roothouse into the club.

That said, our roothouses were broken, as explained by Caps on our recent post about BINUS Today and our private GitHub Actions setup. After cleaning up those issues, we decided to reopen our doors for BOINC projects, so these idle devices can still work for science when there’s no more Actions to do!

By Shift

I'm Shift, the one who runs this site. People might already recognize me as Reinhart ( before, but the ⬆️ on my chest prevented me to go back. That said I'm a software developer shifted into life and reality developer. I've also run a universe where my shifty shirt shifts me up to the shifty skies. It's the universe where I can't simply walk on the ground anymore, like Creative Mode full of steroids. That's why, I'm Skyborne.

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