A bit of history

Our email journey starts with a humble Yahoo! Mail email address originally meant for school assignments and transferring files. Note that the grand era of Firefox Send, Google Workspace, and Microsoft 365 wasn’t there yet, so sending email attachments was the norm.

Sure, that address was then used to sign up to hundreds of new websites, but soon we get a brand new Gmail address and even two Microsoft accounts (Hotmail and Outlook.com).

Untuk today. We have several unused email addresses originally meant for business purposes, and now another email address from BINUS University. And since we purchased two domains, reinhart1010.id and alterine0101.id, we can literally use MX records to set a custom email address for each of our domains. And subdomains, too.

Three leaders. Three main email addresses.

So today, we decided introduce these three new email addresses which will serve as the main email addresses for everything, from automated messages to fanmails up to Reinhart’s actual email address(es):

  • system@reinhart1010.id
  • root@reinhart1010.id
  • superuser@reinhart1010.id

But before that, we originally wanted to write our email addresses this way:

  • (>_)@reinhart1010.id
  • (#_)@reinhart1010.id
  • ($_)@reinhart1010.id

However, these characters are happen to be special characters in the world of internet and email. That means we are all special. But that also means that we can’t use those names as email addresses, too!

Anyways, we will be further setting up new email aliases and forwards, so you can still send me a message via shiftine@reinhart1010.id and replied by someone from system@reinhart1010.id. You can safely assume it’s from me or my friends 😉

So yeah that’s a quick update. Have a nice day!

Thanks for reading this article! By the way, we’re also working on finishing these interesting posts. Revisit this site soon or follow us to see them once they’re published!


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