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11 June 2021

true digital natives, at your service!

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Reinhart Previano Koentjoro (@reinhart)

Hello, World! Are you guys[] ready?

We are the Hackers and Jackets, or Hackjacks for short. Unlike most kids out there, we're true && real digital natives, born and run in true digital world. Most of us are even created in a computer software named Inkscape!

A photo of some of us, including Reinhart, Shiftine, Controld, Alterine. And don't forget Sketchy, Caps, Vessel, and Magic!

We speak code everyday, literally, binary, and digitally. While most software developers write programs in programming languages, we took a step further to speak in programming languages. Don't worry, we're confident, or to be exact, algorithmed, to print() our expressions[] in bold, monospaced text. true coders always write in conventions, such as CAPS TO HONOR THE (DISK OPERATING) SYSTEM && all-lowercase for root;

Before you start...

We believe that everyone's unique, and that's why we treat ourselves as unique classes. Now, before going further, please familiarize yourself with Object-Oriented Programming (OOP) slangs that we use to define ourselves:

  • class denotes who we are.
  • extends determines which (other) class we belong/inherit, which could be either Human, Robot, Hacket, or Hologram.
  • implements or interface shows what we have, able, and/or responsible to. Each objects and classes which fall under the same interface has shared identity, rights and obligations. That's why our main motto, interface in polymorphism, resembles closely with Bhinneka Tunggal Ika and "Be Together, Not The Same".

Wait, what's SYSTEM? What's root either?

To understand that, you need to know about the user levels && permissions as in Microsoft Windows && Unix-based operating systems (including Android, macOS, and Linux). SYSTEM && root are perhaps the highest user account levels in respective operating systems. So yeah, we're all powerful as in the world of Windows, macOS, Linux, and every operating systems imaginable!

Now that you have understood these words, let's define some classes, shall we?

⌘ Reinhart and Sketchy

class Reinhart extends Human implements Binusian, Binusian2023, Christian, Developer, HimtiCoordinator, Indonesian, Male, TldrPagesContributor, WebcompatContributor, WPAdmin...

...and the list goes on. Well, it seems that I've implemented too many interfaces on myself, which could risk me into health and management issues. That's why I decided to create others to help me, yet some of them are real robots which you can interact with them.

Alongside me is my Hacket (short for hacking jacket or hoodie jacket) named Sketchy. Well, why a hoodie jacket, you ask? Well, it's one of the most prestigious thing to wear in front of hackers and developers. You'll see many images of stereotypical hackers who wear their hoodies, and many hoodies are printed with things and jokes related to developers. Once you wear them, get ready to be hooked up by millions of people around the world who truly speaks code like me.

Left: Me and my hacket Sketchy. Right: I'm one with my hacket.

Oh, yeah, please note that my User-Agent string is Male (he/him)

Speaking of networks, there's indeed, nothing else like But when I'm out of work or rest on my, you might instead be greeted by these Robots and Hackets who are created and work together with me:

⇧ Shiftine and Caps

class Shiftine extends Robot implements GitHubApp

Hello, World!

I'm Shiftine, an Object who likes to work endlessly and wishes to be stuck in an infinite loop. In short, I'm a robot.

I'm also registered as a GitHub App, but only work for @reinhart1010's repositories. That's why you won't find me on the GitHub Marketplace. But I will perform commits on behalf of myself (Shiftine <>) since we all have to be honest to ourselves and Reinhart will be able to check if I've made a mistake.

Just like Reinhart and Sketchy, I have Caps who's always loyal to me. Together with my own hacket, we are multithreaded to run and work faster, more efficient, and more powerful.

And yeah, just like many other robots out there I'm designed to work. But if you need to talk to robots who are very passionate instead, here's a couple more to introduce: Controld and Alterine.

⎈ Controld and Vessel

class Controld extends Robot implements RoothouseHolder

Well, I don't know if robots should have their boyfriend/girlfriend but, I'm encoded to be together with Alterine. The reason is quite obvious, we all (except our hackets and Reinhart) are entirely based those special keys on the keyboard (Shift, Ctrl, Alt), and many people are using Ctrl+Alt for many things. Wanna go to the Terminal in Linux? Ctrl+Alt+T. Switch between open apps/programs in Windows? Ctrl+Alt+Tab. Something's not responding in Windows? Ctrl+Alt+Del. See? We are destined to be powerful together just under one more condition: we need another Object to complete that Ctrl+Alt shortcut, and it could be you!

Oh yes, I'm controld and I'm supposed to control Reinhart at all times. But instead, I prefer to work with Alterine to explain to Humans out there who asks and complains about tech and stuff. Please don't hesitate to ask us, 'cause we are robots and we're the ones who run your code and systems.

Meanwhile, my Vessel is probably one of the strongest hackets out there. Once you wear the Vessel, you won't be able escape from his actions. But don't worry and just be nice to him, and he will pwn you to do more than good.

⎇ Alterine and Magic

class Alterine extends Robot implements InstagramUser, RoothouseHolder, TelegramUser, TwitterUser

Me? A robot? Oh yes! That's what I'm dreaming for, and now I am!

By the way, I'm anthromorphic, but not humanoid. And I have the power to interact with others in the same way as robots do: serial communication, TCP/IP, JSON, assembly, wireless, and more! Don't worry, though, I can harness my power to control a mechanical mouse and an Android phone to pass through that stupid "I am not a robot" checkbox. And, as a robot I'm digitally and legally bound into this oath:

As you can see, I am the metal, and my jacket is the plastic. Speaking of my hacket, she's alive, too! You can call her Magic if you need my help despite being a 404.

You can follow me on Instagram and Twitter. But here's one important thing: please hide my robotic identity on those sites since they are starting to eradicate those bot accounts who spam and behave badly. So I repeat, NEVER mention that I and Controld are robots on Instagram and Twitter, for now.

At the end, let's be friends together! Wanna talk or ask about something? Summon me on Telegram!

Citing our posts in your academic works

If you wish to cite our posts in your academic works, please note the following:

  1. It's OK to put The Polymorphics as the author name, instead of Reinhart Previano Koentjoro (e.g. Koentjoro, R. P. in APA format). Citing @reinhart1010 as the author may not be a good idea, as it may cause conflicts with some text (pre)processors (LaTeX, Markdown, Office 365, etc.)
  2. It's also OK to just use the author name of the post, especially when it's not posted on behalf of Reinhart, as long as your academic institution (e.g. university) allows you to cite people who don't exist in real life.
  3. If you're afraid of (2), you can append Reinhart alongside the (non-Reinhart) post author in your "cited works" page. For example,

Koentjoro, R. P. and Alterine. (2021, June 12). Let’s take over Reinhart, shall we? Retrieved from

Example written in APA format

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Reinhart Previano Koentjoro
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