Send and Share Websites on Mozilla Firefox!

First, did you know that Mozilla Firefox have services to send and to do other commands? If you visit on Mozilla Services Activation website you can install share services, including Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Google+ and Gmail. Yahoo Mail and have not created the services plugins, but if you want to send to email, you can do it using ‘Email Link’ function in Firefox. I Google Chrome, there is no official feature from Google to share to multiple accounts instead of install Chrome extensions from its web store.

Introduction (on Tumblr)

Hi, this is my first post in this blog. I am interested in viewing the feature war between Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox. I am also a Mozilla Bugzilla bug reporter and a wikiHowian since last April. Anyway, let’s start the feature comparisons of Google Chrome and Firefox.
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Q&A: What is the best HTML5 eReader around?

Firefox’s PDF.JS on is a good HTML5 eReader. It supports .pdf reading and can be installed without git. If you know how to edit the CSS codes there you can style your viewer. The disadvantage here is that there’s a problem when copying text from documents and not all older and mobile browsers are supported.

Edit March 22, 2017: The select and copy problem mentioned earlier has being improved recently.

Google Chrome’s pdfium on is a HTML5 eReader that has simple user interface and can read and copy .pdf document. The disadvantage here is that to install you need to use git to install.

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