Please Mozilla, don’t be Google.

This year will bring big changes for add-on development, changes that we believe are essential to safety and performance, but will require most add-ons to …

Introducing Extension Signing: A Safer Add-on Experience | Mozilla Add-ons Blog

Please Mozilla, don’t be Google.

If you read the Mozilla Manifesto, each of the effects can affect the manifesto by requiring addons to be signed. You will see why.

N.B.: Just change the “Internet” to “Mozilla Addons”.

Reliability of Statistics

“This is as confusing as the reliability of statistics. When you see the
Firefox website, IE website, even Safari website, it will show that they
are the best (e.g. Safari is the fastest in the data on its site).
Instead, Google Chrome says it is fast, without any data. If Google
Chrome says fast only, what about other Chromium-based browser such as
Citrio and SRWare Iron?”

Before I replied this to a article in a article I looked up three websites.

They said that they are the best. Now, see the following websites

Google Chrome and Opera are both chromium based-browsers, and both says a fast and free browser without any statistics.

genxposé: Citrio Browser? Avoid it.

genxposé: Citrio Browser? Avoid it.

Project Spartan is now Microsoft Edge!

Even though there are problems while viewing some pages such as Google+ on Spartan, the fixed name for the project Spartan is Edge. Still do not have any idea why it is called Edge, not IE12 such as from Opera Next to Opera Beta, while the results are shipped to the Opera browser itself.

Chromium-Based Browsers

Q: Excuse me, are there any other chromium-based browser other than Google Chrome and Opera?
A: Yes, there are actually many chromium-based browsers since chromium is open source project, such as SRWare Iron and Dragon browser. However, some elements are not as same as Google Chrome because Google modifies the element, for example the bookmarking experience.