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Hello, world! Here’s a collection of our stories and announcements on our projects and our world.

These posts are mostly written by the folks at the SYSTEM, aka. the (>_ )s. We are also available on the Fediverse as

For articles made by others can also be found at “tales from the roothouse” by (#_ )s and “Nix and Friends”, created by the ($_ )s.

  • Rajawalinya hilang!

    Rajawalinya hilang!

    Sekitar seminggu yang lalu, saya mulai melihat logo rajawali yang sering melekat di dalam logo Gereja Mawar Sharon (GMS) hilang dari profile picture media sosial berbagai akun media sosial gereja lokal dan regional dari GMS. Dan hari ini, saya melihat rajawali tersebut hilang dari profile picture akun resmi GMS Church (Gereja Mawar Sharon Wilayah Otonom […]

  • A Mindvalley ad issue.

    A Mindvalley ad issue.

    It came to our attention that some videos from GMS Jakarta are monetized with ads. And before that, we’re already aware with this message: However, this time, it’s not an ordinary ad. It’s a Mindvalley ad, and we can see that their ads are currently targeting videos relating to personal life problems. You can learn…

  • The few odd things found on Hacktoberfest 2022’s presents.

    The few odd things found on Hacktoberfest 2022’s presents.

    Alright, so, the Hacktoberfest 2022’s presents are finally here! The first thing I’m looking here is, well, for DigitalOcean’s shark stickers. And it seems this is the first Hacktoberfest, over those consecutive years, who doesn’t offer them. Quite disappointing. I think it’s also to note that some Indonesian devs here are complaining for higher import…

  • Universal.css: The Tailwind CSS that never was.

    Are you tired to organize your CSS class names? Check out Universal.css, the only CSS you need. It’s available for just under 5MB storage, but it’s really worth the size. (Just don’t use Tailwind CSS, it’s a cheap ripoff of Universal.css).

  • Releasing an Instagram filter next week!

    Releasing an Instagram filter next week!

    I’ll be releasing a new Instagram filter that transforms yourself into a living, bionic gold statue. This, actually, is a continuation of our work to make a safe version of “bionic gold” developed by the two scientists in our botworld, Putri “Timun Mas” and Gold (who still wanted to remain anonymous this time). They originally…

  • A personal reflections of using Twitter in early 2023.

    After months after the Musk takeover, a few people asked us if we will eventually stop using Twitter and move everything to Mastodon and others. So here’s our official answer: Not yet. But we’ll keep our Twitter archives fresh in the long term. At one point, Twitter is still good for customer service outreach for…

  • Peringatan bagi “Industri 4.0 vs Web 3.0” di Indonesia.

    Pada tahun 2019, tepat saat saya mengerjakan tugas GSLC (Guided Self Learning Class) pertama dalam mata kuliah Character Building: Pancasila, saya menulis salah satu reply forum terpanjang pada BINUSMAYA (sistem informasi akademik dan manajemen pembelajaran Universitas Bina Nusantara) yang membahas tentang ancaman “Web 3.0” pada keutuhan Pancasila. Artikel itu akhirnya saya revisi dua tahun kemudian.…

  • Reorganizing my fast chargers.

    Reorganizing my fast chargers.

    There are some common pitfalls in so-called “Fast Charging” adapters: I recently received many still-functioning fast chargers. I don’t want to turn them into e-waste, so I decided to put down some large, informational labels to maximize my fast charging strategy. The good news is that most of our devices are compatible with Qualcomm’s QuickCharge…

  • UMKM vs Investor: Startup digital tidak bisa mengabdi kepada dua tuan.

    UMKM vs Investor: Startup digital tidak bisa mengabdi kepada dua tuan.

    Permintaan Kominfo bagi para startup digital untuk “berpihak dan menyelamatkan UMKM bangsa” ini hal yang cukup mustahil. Karena pada umumnya mereka tidak bisa mengabdi kepada dua tuan: para UMKM dan para investor. Memang siapa sih yang sudah banyak membantu dalam riset dan penyediaan sumber daya dalam, startup tersebut? Para UMKM atau para investor? Siapa yang…