Becoming a (root) Shift.

Real quick. After being a Shift for a full month, I decided to swap my (>_ ) with pr0xy to, well, become a (#_ )!

You can consider Shift the (>_ ) as the idealized version of myself. There’s always things I love and hate to be a perfect and cheerful (>_ ), but, there are moments which I should be honest on my conditions and feelings of being more (#_ ) than (>_ ).

Again, there’s nothing wrong with this change. Just as in Ecclesiates 3, there’s always a time for everything. And that includes a time to be (>_ ), (#_ ), and even a time to be ($_ ).

Sorry, what is this (>_ ) and (#_ ) stuff again?

Now, as a refresher, I classified most of us under three different classes, which is the point of my announcement today.

  • (>_ )s tend to be technical and organized,
  • (#_ )s are, well, phlegmatic yet conservative beings, and
  • ($_ )s just wanna to be simple at doing things.

That’s the simplest explanation I can give, at least from the perspective of (#_ ). They are indeed first derived from concepts and principles of the three major operating systems, but we eventually converge into the point where each of us is impactful to each other.

Resuming our BOINC activity!

In July 2021, we decided to join Science United, a distributed research project powered by BOINC to help people donate their computing power to help advance scientific research. This includes finding cures for COVID-19, solving complex mathematical problems, giving a better perspective about our universe and more.

This isn’t actually the very first time we’ve contributed to the BOINC project, which we have actually done since 2016 with BAM! However, since Science United automatically allocates the most suitable projects for any device types as possible, we decided to bring our array of ARMv7-powered roothouse into the club.

That said, our roothouses were broken, as explained by Caps on our recent post about BINUS Today and our private GitHub Actions setup. After cleaning up those issues, we decided to reopen our doors for BOINC projects, so these idle devices can still work for science when there’s no more Actions to do!

Lokasi favoritmu kini bisa dibuka di aplikasi favorit mereka!

Hari ini kami dengan bangga meluncurkan situs di mana Anda dapat berbagi lokasi yang kemudian dapat dibuka di aplikasi peta favorit mereka.

Ya, situs ini adalah buat kamu yang keseringan sharing link Waze ke keluarga yang lebih familiar dengan Google Maps dan sebaliknya!

Aplikasi ini sebenarnya adalah aplikasi pertama yang dibangun menggunakan Remix, Cloudflare Pages dan Workers, serta tema Konsta UI untuk React.

Aplikasi ini juga yang menjadi yang kedua untuk menggunakan Mapbox dan pertama untuk memakai Cloudflare R2 (serupa Amazon S3) serta hCaptcha untuk membangun layanan url de-shortening sendiri.

Ide di balik aplikasi ini sebenarnya sudah lama muncul sejak 2019 di mana kami memutuskan untuk membangun aplikasi Food Navigator. Di Food Navigator, Anda bisa melihat berbagai restoran dan kafe di aplikasi-aplikasi peta kesayangan kamu, bahkan bisa sekalian nge-GoFood dan GrabFood!

📌 Kirim lokasi baru

Untuk mengirim lokasi baru, Anda cukup mengisi data-data yang diperlukan di situs Namun jika Anda terlalu malas untuk menulis angka-angka koordinat, Anda juga bisa copy-paste link dari aplikasi Anda ke sini!

Tenang, kok, aplikasi ini mendukung banyak format URL dan koordinat termasuk yang dipakai secara mayoritas!

👋 Saat menerima lokasi…

Kamu hanya cukup memilih aplikasi yang kamu inginkan. Oh iya, kamu juga sekalian bisa atur daftar aplikasi favorit jadi kamu tidak perlu mengklik ulang menu More apps and websites… lagi!