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  • Another reason to use threads in the Fediverse.

    Stop Doing Threads ( starshine: STOP DOING THREADS POSTS WERE NOT SUPPOSED TO BE SPLIT INTO 25 PARTSYEARS of POSTING yet NO REAL-WORLD USE FOUND for a low character limitWanted a low character limit anyway for a laugh? We had a tool for that: It was called “SMS””My post got… Well, some people are […]

  • Rajawalinya hilang!

    Rajawalinya hilang!

    Sekitar seminggu yang lalu, saya mulai melihat logo rajawali yang sering melekat di dalam logo Gereja Mawar Sharon (GMS) hilang dari profile picture media sosial berbagai akun media sosial gereja lokal dan regional dari GMS. Dan hari ini, saya melihat rajawali tersebut hilang dari profile picture akun resmi GMS Church (Gereja Mawar Sharon Wilayah Otonom…

  • What is the “shell” of Bearers of the Shells?

    Sure, we found out that may people don’t understand the shell thing we mean for the term “Bearers of the Shells”. We’re not selling seashells and don’t own some shares on the Royal Dutch Shell, anyway. The shell, as in BOTS here is the computer shell, and we found it difficult to translate its meaning…

  • The future of Shift and Shiftine is in the real life.

    The future of Shift and Shiftine is in the real life.

    I reflected on the days when I decided to build my own original character (OC) fantasy, be it the Hackers and Jackets, the Bearers of the Shells, the Shift of Worlds and Nations, the root force, the Jailbreaks, and so on. I built them because I really wanted to build my own dream team of…

  • A Mindvalley ad issue.

    A Mindvalley ad issue.

    It came to our attention that some videos from GMS Jakarta are monetized with ads. And before that, we’re already aware with this message: However, this time, it’s not an ordinary ad. It’s a Mindvalley ad, and we can see that their ads are currently targeting videos relating to personal life problems. You can learn…

  • The few odd things found on Hacktoberfest 2022’s presents.

    The few odd things found on Hacktoberfest 2022’s presents.

    Alright, so, the Hacktoberfest 2022’s presents are finally here! The first thing I’m looking here is, well, for DigitalOcean’s shark stickers. And it seems this is the first Hacktoberfest, over those consecutive years, who doesn’t offer them. Quite disappointing. I think it’s also to note that some Indonesian devs here are complaining for higher import…

  • Universal.css: The Tailwind CSS that never was.

    Are you tired to organize your CSS class names? Check out Universal.css, the only CSS you need. It’s available for just under 5MB storage, but it’s really worth the size. (Just don’t use Tailwind CSS, it’s a cheap ripoff of Universal.css).

  • Re: The (extremely) loud minority (of JavaScript and Typescript developers)

    The (extremely) loud minority by Andy Bell ( Often on Twitter, we’ll hear stuff like this: Best practices don’t actually work Or: TypeScript has won, and it’s only a matter of time you’re using it whether you like it or not. These may be true for a tiny minority of cases, such as in a code-factory: full…

  • Releasing an Instagram filter next week!

    Releasing an Instagram filter next week!

    I’ll be releasing a new Instagram filter that transforms yourself into a living, bionic gold statue. This, actually, is a continuation of our work to make a safe version of “bionic gold” developed by the two scientists in our botworld, Putri “Timun Mas” and Gold (who still wanted to remain anonymous this time). They originally…