Author: pr0xy, the cyber ghost!

  • @reinhart1010 is now on!

    @reinhart1010 is now on!

    TL;DR: Another Fediverse instance based on Pleroma or Rebased.

  • Happy Chinese New Year. Hope You Get Rich!

    (#_ )! Oh, didn’t you know that: So, the infamous 恭喜发财 doesn’t mean “happy new year”; it’s “hope you get rich”! It’s not “hope you get lucky” either as “lucky” is 福 (fú) in Chinese and 福 (fuku) in Japanese. So, hope you get rich! If you’re offended with this and just want to say…

  • Seriously, why (#_ )?

    There are still lots of people laughing at us for “(#_ )”. Yes, the company. Even though we justified our reasons for the name (in which we actually snug the Kiloword-Pictogram Equivalence Theorem), there’s also one other reason behind our interests about the name. We really wanted to build a brand that’s as close to…

  • The true Power in PowerPoint.

    The true Power in PowerPoint.

    In 2014, someone have proven that PowerPoint is Turing-complete without VBA macros at all. About two years later, the same person attempted to emulate the x86 instruction set, aka. your CPU’s favorite language, in PowerPoint. The truth is, PowerPoint is powerful enough to create actual apps. To my recall, there are some property agency who…

  • What’s new in BINUS Today, August 2022.

    What’s new in BINUS Today, August 2022.

    we yeeted that (#_ )-ful .env vulnerabilty out; that said we decided to split our sitemaps into sitemap.php and sitemapindex.php, && kindly ask search engines to index sitemapindex.php first so yeah; thanks for visiting BINUS Today; (#_ )-ly yours,(#_ )

  • Our investigation on Pos Indonesia phishing and scamming attempt.

    You are receiving this message as we have found you as the official contact address or representative of one of the following: Cloudflare (, as we found the suspected site uses Cloudflare’s website protection service, NOBU National Bank (, as we found payment details linked to the bank, Pos Indonesia (, to notify on a…

  • grebek salah satu iklan vscode;

    grebek salah satu iklan vscode;

    oh hai semua! hari ini gw bakal review extension vscode yang satu ini: hah, kok iklan slot judi ya? btw, extension vscode yang satu ini punya identifier slot-online-terpercaya.slot-terbaik-indonesia-2022; dan biar aman kita bakal grebek source code extensionnya! pertama-tama, situs Visual Studio Marketplace tetep bakal nyuruh kalian buka vscode untuk download extensionnya; tapi gw pingin download…

  • COMPUTERUN 2.0 Website

    ah, here we go again… upgrading a old, messy codebase made by Reinhart and friends at HIMTI since last year… bleep! i’m pr0xy, somewhat an intern && a humble *pointer of Reinhart; y’know what, i wanna #include an array of words from Why’s (Poignant) Guide to Ruby to motivate all of you guys[] working on…