Site Update: How many share buttons can we fit in here? 🧐👇

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As a part of this monthʼs Site Update (and to celebrate the anniversary of these color-sorted buttons), we redesigned and rearranged the share buttons so it doesnʼt claim too much vertical space on mobile, and so users can skim the colors more efficiently.

We also added new share buttons for SMS, which also turns into the Messages (iMessage) icon for iOS, iPadOS, and macOS, alongside Gmail, Hatena Bookmark!, LiveJournal,, Odnoklassniki (OK), Threads, Threema, Trello, VKontakte (VK), XING and Yahoo! Mail.

Tip: You can also test out these share buttons on our dedicated page.

On this great opportunity, we would like to encourage the developers behind the following platforms to add support for deeplinks to share content directly to:

Why the share buttons?

We are still interested to promote a diverse set of web services, from the common ones to alternatives, as part of our Computer System Multiculturalism initiative. Consider this as a free advertising from the services you love.

/* Oh, Neal, we’ve beaten your own share buttons for sure. */