Site Update: Search and print-friendly page formats!

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If there’s one thing that we can do easily but not in WordPress, making our blog posts print-friendly could be a thing. Starting today, you can use the Print and Download PDF buttons to quickly save our blog posts, by downloading or even printing it. Something that we really wished to do since last month.

Now, of course, before we finally implement 🖨️ Printable blog posts, we have several exciting news for you as part of our monthly site update:

👨‍🎓 This (>_ ) is officially ¾ graduated.

That’s right; we ditched the “½ S. Kom.” tagline in favor of ¾, because Reinhart has finally submitted his final-final-fix-revised-final thesis!


Who knows that we added new buttons to let users share to Buffer, diaspora*, Hacker News, and Snapchat, and not to mention the Print and PDF buttons?

It is clear that we wanted to defeat Neal Agrawal’s official “complete” list of share buttons as demonstrated on his website, including sharing to Uber drivers, whales, aliens, and even God and Satan. But will that completely clutter our user experience 🤔?

🔎 Search is back!

At least the Search menu is now available on the navigation bar. We are also planning to support WordPress-style search queries, but we wanted to focus on reimagining our blog archive page (i.e. blog posts made in a specific year, or under certain categories).

Oh, yeah, keyboard shortcuts can now also be used to access this Search feature. Thanks botgirl!

📜 Finally, a proper Privacy Policy!

Our new search feature doesn’t just scan our blog posts. It even scans some of our HAM-powered websites including Nix (tldr-pages) and the new Legal Documentation, hosted on, which also hosts our new Privacy Policy.

You might wanted to ask, “why do we separate our Privacy Policy from the main website?” By using HAM and Git, we can write legal documents with trackable changes. That’s why, when we said we wanted to change our Privacy Policy, for example, you can compare the changes by yourself.

Our Privacy Policy is also perhaps one of the few ones that admit that Privacy Policy still isn’t an actual proof that organizations really care about your privacy. Read it by yourself,

We understand that Privacy Policy and other policies are legal agreements which still can be modified or cancelled by parties who made these agreements. Hence, we believe providing a Privacy Policy does not guarantee that the author of the policy has been proven committed in protecting your privacy as promised.

As a significant part of our integrity commitment to protect your personal data, we have attempted and decided to perform the following things.

  1. Releasing our Products and Services as open-source software. We have released the source code behind some of our Products and Services under an open-source license as approved by DebianFree Software Foundation (FSF), and/or Open Source Initiative (OSI). By releasing them, we can provide the algorithmic proof that our personal data processing procedures have been correctly executed in accordance to this Privacy Policy.
  2. Researching and implementing ways to verify our source code. We are interested and commited to innovate on ways to let users like you verify that the source code behind our Products and Services match with the open-source code we have released to the public.

💬 Blockquotes without problems.

Just like what you have seen above, we have fixed the appearance of blockquotes in our blog posts. Multi-level blockquotes can also be rendered, too!

🍗 Preparing for HAM 1.0.

Our still-alpha side project, HAM, has been recently updated as part of our maintenance update. And not just that, we’re excited to migrate from Halfmoon v1 to v2, which is now based on Bootstrap.

To make sure that the migration can be run smoothly, we decided to add this notice:

BREAKING CHANGE: HAM is currently being upgraded to Halfmoon 2.0, which introduce visual breaking changes. See

So, with all of these updates, we still believe that T-3000, the new backend of our main website, has slowly progressing to become better than ever. We’re still working on finishing Reinhart’s Portfolio page and the new blog archive pages, and we’re definitely happy to share once they are ready enough for release.